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Programs and Services

After School Program

To improve and support the academic achievement of American Indian students, grades K-12th, we offer a Fall and Spring Afterschool Program. The afterschool program focuses on instructional assistance through tutorial efforts, enrichment activities, and cultural learning.


Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for students to participate in JOAD Olympic Style archery. Students learn proper technique and form to shot recreational archery safely from a certified Level II archery coach.

Archery Club

During Archery Club, 6th through 12th grade students advance skill level, experience other archery ranges, and participate in local 3D Archery Tournaments.

Community Events

To support family and community engagement, we offer events throughout the year each with a focus on academics, cultural learning and fun. Our Family Literacy and STEM Nights promote family involvement with multi-generational activities surrounding ELA, Science, Technology, and Mathematics. Our Traditional Gatherings provide cultural learning experiences for the entire family. Participants travel to local areas to gather materials such as elderberries, willow, and pinenuts for traditional uses.

Culture Class

To improve the self concept of American Indian people, we provide space for cultural learning opportunities. We gather one night a week where particpants learn different techniques and skills in beading, weaving, and sewing to create jewlery, keychains, lanyards and ornaments using sinew, abalone, beads, pinenuts, leather, and dentalium.

Summer Program

We offer a Chico Summer Program during the months of June or July. This summer learning opportunity blends academic, enrichment, college, and cultural activities for students grades K-12th.

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